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One way to boost your carrier is making sure you have got the skills that employers pay more for. Learning such skills is a great way of improving your chances of getting more from the job you already do. Moreover, a new skill can also help you get more out of life in general.

Skills are categorized into two: hard skills and soft skills. To learn the hard skills, one needs to enroll in some sort an educational program  where she receives practical training and classroom instructions as well that will certainly give your career a boost. On the other hand, the soft skills are the personal skills and character qualities or traits each one of us has. There are less tangible when compared to the hard skills and you don’t always need to enroll in an educational program. There are also more preferred by an employer to hard skills.

Below are some of the skills that will give your career a boost:

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills

Problem solving can be defined as the ability to recognize a problem and provide possible solutions. On the other hand, critical thinking lets you know how to evaluate each possible solution, using reasoning and logic, to determine which one is likely to be successful.

Flexibility skills

This is being able to adapt to change in any workplace. If you are flexible, changing environments and situations do not put you under any pressure and you feel comfortable trying to things you have never done before such as new technologies and working practices. Technology is changing at a very fast rate and employers are now preferring those who can keep up to new ideas and embrace them appropriately.

Team working skills

You are a good team player if you are able to co-operate effectively with others and also work well in teams. Team working skills mean that you are confident within a group and you can contribute to new ideas and be assertive and positive, as well as being open to criticism and also taking a share of the responsibility.

Time Management skills

If you are good at meeting deadlines, then you have effective time management skills. Time management simply means being good at organizing. When you manage and organize your time effectively, you can be more efficient and productive, both of which most managers rate highly. Time management also means that you are good at doing several different projects and tasks at the same time and set goals that you can meet.

Communication skills

This is among the most important skills in almost any type of job. Those who have good communication skills can effectively express ideas in writing and verbally. Good communication skills also mean that you can be able to express what you want to say without being misinterpreted. Communication skills also incorporate being a good listener. This helps you understand what your manager, clients, and co-workers need. Something involving working in sales or communicating with the public needs good communication skills.


Are you open to advice from other? Are you able to handle negativity well? If your answer to any of these two questions is negative then you the one holding yourself back. It’s very difficult for most of us to admit our faults but it’s important to be open and admit your weaknesses. Having a dilemma in something as significant as your career is a major weakness in many. Having a positive thinking will always boost your will to accomplishing your goals. It’s important to have someone to guide you along the way and inspire you in advancing your career. Here our top tips to inspire you in advancing your career goals.

1.      Be open to change

As we all know there is an ongoing revolution in today’s workplace and you should not allow yourself to be subject to passiveness. With this kind of thinking most endeavors can never survive for long. It’s encouraging placing importance on new thoughts which can introduce a change for the better. Thinking and acting dynamically will help you to never run out of opportunities and ideas which in return help in achieving your dreams. You should always have enough courage to put your ideas into action and you will aspire to take the flight by so doing.

2.      Look for guidance and wisdom

Go online and find out about your career. Talk to friends and generally be active in your pursuit of information. The advice you get from them may prove to be the catalyst that would change your life for the better. It’s always wise to take a career guidance test to gauge what type of career suits you. When deciding to shift to completely new career, career transition counseling is important to help you know your overall value as an individual.

3.      Positive mindset

Believing in yourself and what you capable of is worthwhile. Criticism can knock your career journey down but in some cases it inspires it. It all depends on how you accept the criticism. Always stay focused on your plan, reach high and make honest targets. Always remember that those who think out of the box are the ones who make it to the top and are not afraid to take risk in realizing their career goals.

4.      Power of planning

A good plan will give you direction and structure. Make a plan and write down what you want to achieve in a given period of time. Break this into week-by –week schedule to aid in your utmost achievement. Whether your plan is short term or long term you should make it detailed and stick to it. Always keep your plans fresh, achievable and inspired. Having good intentions will always give you good focus.

5.      Yearn to highlight your individuality

Do you want to allow yourself be a robot taking orders from superiors? I bet not, this is why in the corporate and professional world highlighting your individuality is paramount. By placing much importance on your individuality it does not only raise yourself –awareness but also your self –confidence. For you to attain harmony and happiness in your chosen career you should be able to answer these vital questions. “Do I have passion in what I’m doing? Does my career suit me?” By answering these questions in a very positive manner shows that you possess the two important factors. These two factors include self-awareness and self-confidence.

6.      Transform your desperation into inspiration

Learning how to turn your desperation to inspiration is a vitally important endeavor to move from feeling victimized and out of control in the face of your professional challenges. The key point here is learning, being more accountable, perceiving what’s happening as a highway for you to learn and grow. If you break yourself against the unfair positions you are in, rather than using them to help you be all you can be, you will not achieve the success you long for. Always find a way to turn your desperation to inspiration for growth, success and change.

7.      Rewards

Enjoy your achievements as you draw closer and closer to your goals. Enjoy your hard work. Above all enjoy your free time too. Working so hard and for long hours to fulfill your ambition deserve daily rewards and treat. Work without play makes anyone a dull person so you need some time off to relax your mind and have fun.


For you to achieve your career goal you should not waste time and energy doubting yourself. Shield yourself from negativity as much as possible since it will only cripple you. Always stick to your big plan and strive in making it better. Having a true passion will help you love what you do thus inspire you to reach your career goals quicker. Achieving a career goal is always a marathon that’s why you should not be distracted from doing the simple thing right.

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