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What is your top preferred career? This is a common question for school-going children. Children possess aspirations that are so simple and pure. As kids grow older, their thinking sort of reverses. Rather than dreaming, they somewhat fine-tune their career aspirations to the obstacles they have faced in life.  This way of thinking has greatly fueled the shortages in specific occupations, more so those that need top levels of education. If you examine any database on job searches, the majority of positions point out education requirements.  This article highlights a list of the top 10 most elusive careers.

1)      Forest fire inspector

A forest fire inspector is not a high-profile job but if it’s your passion it won’t be easy to secure a job. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that only 38 inspectors will be needed between 2014 and 2016.It further states that in 2012 over 1500 people were employed as forest fire inspectors. This makes the opportunities in this field even slimmer.

2)      Astronaut

Astronauts operate spacecrafts and will obviously need to have experience piloting military jets. Before they can be given the green light to go to space, an astronaut will need to have years of ground experience, which can be acquired in space center simulators. For you to qualify for this position you must be at least 36 years old, in top mental and physical mental condition. The probability of emerging an astronaut is much higher than those of becoming the US president.

3)      Senior level scientists

Senior level scientists like biophysicist and biochemists generally earn a Ph.D. Before they get to this senior level they spend several years on their way up the rank from assistant research scientists. According to the Bureau labor and statistics, the number of employed biochemists and biophysicists will grow rapidly with 5,200 additional openings by 2022.

4)      Private Chef

Private Chefs often serve the very wealthy clientele, including CEOs and individuals who are very successful – financially. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics outlooks show only 170 private chef opportunities between 2007 and 2016. Currently, just  960 private chefs are in employment.

5)      Model

Do you want to be the next top model? It isn’t as easy as you might have thought. Models usually showcase the latest of fashion and style and appear in various commercials. There are less than 90 top profile career openings for models each year in the US, and there are only 1600 of them available today.

6)      Computer & information research scientists

To work this job, you’ll minimally need a Ph.D. in computer science, plus minimum 5 years worth of work experience. Based on information extracted from the Bureau of labor and statistics, there are just about 25, 000 individuals holding this position globally. It’s estimated that about 4000 new opportunities could open up by 2022.

7)      Professional athlete

Based on mathematical odds the chances of being struck by lightning are higher than those of becoming a pro athlete. Today there’re just 9,400 pro athletes in employment.

8)      Referee

Its fun refereeing amateur sporting events but making it to this position is going to be tough. Statistics show that you have better odds of becoming a model than you do with a professional referee .There are only 1,900 employed referees making the opportunities slimmer. The openings in this position are so few that landing in this profession is nearly statistically impossible.

9)      High –ranking military positions

Military Officers holds at least a university degree and they start out at lower ranks. That means it takes years of service before they can get higher ranks. That makes it super hard to score a top ranking military position! Actually, there are only a few of these positions available per each military base in the U.S.

10)  Judges

Judges obtains a law degree and later spends many years working in the law field as lawyers. Judges are appointed into their positions. There are 750,700 lawyers and the employed judges are only 27,300 according to the Bureau labor and statistics recent report.


It’s difficult to secure a position in any of the above fields. However, there are various other careers with more than enough openings. Most of those other jobs have salaries higher than some of what’s listed above. Just for mentions, a few other careers that face a shortage include software engineers and anthropologist among others. Such jobs require extensive preparation and commitment.