Top health tips for the career man or woman

Working women and men need to take special care of themselves. Studies show that a poor work-life balance may cause stress, reduced productivity, and even unhappiness.  Many people find it more difficult to find balance in their lives because of having cutbacks where they work. Doctors’ visits are getting shorter since most do not have time to go for a checkup. Women are the most affected by the lack of good time management and work-life balance. Today feminism isn’t women doing it all but it’s about women not having to do it all. There are no pills you can take to achieve a work life balance but there are a few things you can do to help keep your sanity and enjoy your daily juggle of motherhood and your career. Whether working at home or in the office or both, here are some tips to help you find a healthier work-life balance.

1.      Getting enough sleep

If you have trouble getting out of bed, getting tired easily, and trouble concentrating, you likely aren’t getting enough sleep. Recent medical research shows this can put you at a great risk of heart disease and other psychological problems. When you get enough sleep you wake up refreshed and strong and this helps to prevent caffeine cravings later in the day. To get enough sleep always avoid daytime naps.

2.      Try being active outside of work

During your off days try to spend some time in nature to unload the stress of the workday and give your eyes and lungs a break. Join the gym, go for a walk or if stressed try breathing exercises to relax your mind. Do something nice for yourself like spending time with family, read a book or visit a friend to have some fun. Avoid watching TV since it’s another reason to sit instead of being active.

3.      Move as much as you can

Take breaks every hour and move your body to stretch. Move while waiting for programs on the computer to load since this is an opportunity to burn calories. When you need to go to another floor in the building always consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can team up with friends at work to take regular exercise breaks and to motivate each other.

4.      Cut out on sugary snacks and candies

Snacks are everywhere in offices. They are tasty but they do not satisfy your true hunger since they are digested easily. Instead of visiting the vending machine bring your snacks from home such as cucumber slices, dried fruits or baby carrots. In case you cannot survive a sleepy afternoon in the office a piece of dark chocolate will do you good.

5.      Take it slow

Making any changes in life is never an easy task. Always start small and keep them simple by setting a few realistic goals and see how you do. If you achieve your goals take the next step and some ones. If you find any obstacles in the way readjust your goals and try a totally different approach. When you start seeing results you will be motivated to move forward.

6.      Find your balance

There is no perfect balance when it comes to career and motherhood. It’s up to you to prioritize and decide what you prepared to do and are not prepared to do. Don’t listen to any person telling you what you should do or should not be able to do. Always pay attention to your own needs and well-being. If you feel you are out of balance just look on what to reevaluate and be willing to re-negotiate your work duties and parenting duties as well.

7.      See your doctor yearly

Make sure you get a medical test to check your body functioning and keep yourself from any health risk. You can go for cancer screening, HPV test, blood pressure and much more .Do not skip your yearly checkup .Your doctor needs to assess many other issues such as potential infections and sexual complaints. Medical checkup helps in keeping you informed about your health conditions and this keeps you feeling confidence and out of much stress.

8.      Remember to compare is despair

Many woman loves comparing themselves with their colleagues and neighbors. Every woman faces her own struggles as a mother and worker. It’s time to move past Mommy wars and stop undermining and criticizing other women. It’s better to spend time and your energy supporting other women since in the long run, it will benefit us all.

9.      Find a mentor

Do you know someone who has a successful career? Make a date with a person with a terrific personal life and ask him/her for advice on career development. Ask for information about time management and how to set priorities .This will help in proper management in your work environment and also in time distribution in order to have time for your own to exercise and take care of your family.

10.  Redefine success

Women need to re-define the meaning of success today. Most women are sick and tired of the pressure to do it all. As mothers, women think, create and make mistakes thus realizing they are not super heroes and maybe never wanted to be. Women should learn to value the job of motherhood just as they do with their career.


When planning your week also make it a point to schedule time with family and friends and other activities that will help you recharge. Eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary drinks by taking plenty of water instead. To a healthy work-life balance, you have to be positive, set priorities and learn to say no. Not all pieces of advice help; some may lead us to failure so every career person must be wise.

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